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Rear Zip Midcalf Ugg Boot

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Designed with easy access in mind, our Rear Zip Midcalf Ugg Boots are both practical and stylish. 

Made from top quality Australian Sheepskin, the Rear Zip Midcalf Ugg Boot can be used around the house, or as a cosy  look when going out on cold winter days.  It extends approximately 16cm above the ankle offering warmth and flexibility to wear inside and out.  The Rear Zip Midcalf Ugg Boot is a unisex design and comes in sizes 3-15.  

We recommend using Ugg Boot Protector Spray to extend the life of your slipper and protect against dirt, water, mould and stains.

Please note the sizing is Australian Men's sizing when choosing yourself a pair. Consult Size Chart for SKINNYS boots