3/4 Fit Sheepskin Seat Covers


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Custom-made 3/4 fit Premium Grade 25 mm (1 inch) Australian Sheepskin made to fit your specific make & model vehicle.

Fully machine washable, warm in winter and cool in summer.  Our Sheepskins are tanned according to the highest international standards.  Our sheepskin seat covers are manufactured in Redcliffe Qld from start to finish.  Please call Bruce on 07 3883 2040 to discuss your vehicle.

We have a wide range of colours available for you to choose from.  We recommend our Woolskin wash to clean your seat covers.  It retains the natural oils in the sheepskin and softens the leather.  Select the gentle cycle on your machine, cool temperature, and hang flat in the SHADE to dry in a well-aired place to prevent shrinking and damage to your sheepskin.