Motorcycle Sheepskin Seat Cover

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The Skinnys Motorbike Seat Cover is a great easy cover for your bike.  Made from premium Australian Sheepskin (25 mm) and roughly oval shaped (L=70 cm, W=40 cm), it includes two velcro straps underneath for security.  The cover is machine washable, we recommend Fleece & Lambskin Woolskin  product which does not strip the natural oils out of the skin and conditions the leather.  Select the gentle cycle on your machine, cool temperature, and hang flat in the SHADE to dry, in a well aired place to prevent shrinking.  Be sure to grab your Woolskin wash before going to checkout to ensure your new sheepskin does not shrink which happens with normal woolwash as it not made to moisturise sheepskin just wool products.

They sell standard in Black but other colours available upon request.

We also do a range of Tailor made Sheepskin Seat covers for Car Front/Back seats, Bench Seats, Plane, Push Bike, Recliners, Buses, Motorised Wheel Chairs, Tractor, and any other need you might have.  Call us for a No Obligation quote on; 07 38832040.  Or visit your nearest Skinnys store.